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Overriding in C++.

Overriding: Overriding function having same name as well as same parameters replace the base class to the derived class(inherited class).

Function Overloading in C++.

Overloading: There are many simple definition of Overloading like:

1: In overloding function with same name having different parameters.

2: Function overloading may have different return types.

Factorial of Any number by using do-while .

Factorial: Factorial are just products,indicated by an exclamation mark. In general “n!” means the product of all the whole numbers from 1 to n; i.e n!= 1x2x3x4x……x n.

A program to find sum of n numbers by using while loop in c++.

This program add up to n numbers which will be provided by user. Firstly user will enter a fix number to indicate how many numbers he wants to add and then he will enter n numbers.

Program to find Greatest number among three numbers.

Let’s write a program to print Largest number among three numbers in C++.