How to find Even and Odd Number?

This java program we find that a number is even or odd. If the number is divisible by ‘2’ then it will be ‘Even’, otherwise it is ‘Odd’. Step 1: Lets open a notepad and write the following code. //Code… Continue Reading →

swap two number without using any third variable and arithmetic operator.

swap two number without using any third variable and arithmetic operator.

How to use single inheritance in java?

Inheritance represents the IS-A relationship, also known as parent-child relationship.

How to use Exception handling in java?

Exceptions are of two kinds, namely, synchronous exception and asynchronous exceptions. Errors such as “out of range index” and “over flow” belong to the synchronous type exceptions. The errors that are caused by events beyond the control of the program are called asynchronous exceptions.

Make calculator using Switch case

In this article we learn make the calculator by using switch . A switch statement is a type of selection control mechanism used to allow the value of a variable or expression to change the control flow of program execution…. Continue Reading →

How to use multilevel inheritance in java

A common Requirement in object-oriented programming is the use of a derived class as a superclass. Java supports this concept and uses it extensively in building its class library.

Swap two numbers without using third variable in java

This is a java article, and in this article we swap two number without using any third variable.

Add two numbers in Java

how to add two numbers in java without using eclipse.