Program of table of any number in C.

Table : A table is a set of data arranged in rows and columns.


Let’s write a program of table of any number in C.


Step 1: Let’s open turbo C/C++ and write the following code.


// Code


// Add preprocessor file



void main()



// Declare variable

long int i,n,result;


// clear screen


printf(“enter any number : “);


// assign value in variable n






//print the result.

printf(“ \n %li”,result);






Step 2: Save it by pressing F2 and name it TABLE.CPP and click on OK.



Step 3: Now compile it by pressing ALT+ F9 or click on compile for checking errors in program .



Step 4: After compile ,run program by pressing ALT+R and see the output.



// Output





I hope this article was helpful.


Happy coding.



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