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C# Interview Questions

Question: How can we access parent class variable in child class. We can use base.PropertyName. Question: Explain CTS. Common Type System (CTS) is a standard that specifies how type definitions and specific values of types are represented in computer memory…. Continue Reading →

Save dynamic query output in a variable in sql server

In this article we are going to learn save dynamic query output in a variable. For that first i need to create a table. So you can find script of creating table. Table Name : InvoiceLocations CREATE TABLE [dbo].[InvoiceLocations]( [Id]… Continue Reading →

How can i list foreign key in sql server

In this article we are trying to find how many ways that we can find foreign key sql server. There are so many ways to find out but currently i am going to talking about only 3 ways. I am… Continue Reading →

How to get length of string without using any existing function in C#

Question: Write a program which return a length of string without using any existing function in C#. Answer: using System; namespace consoleProgram { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { string str = “my name is pramod kumar thakur”;… Continue Reading →

While loop in sql server

declare @i int=10 while(@i<=20) begin print @i set @i=@i+1 end I hope this code is helpful. Happy coding 🙂

Count word in sql server

In this blog i am going to write a function which returns word count in sql server. Sql server does not provide inbuilt function for calculating word count. So we have to write a custom function in sql. CREATE FUNCTION… Continue Reading →

Introduction to JavaScript

In this article we learn why we should learn javascript and some basics of javascript.

Filter in angularJs – Part 2

In this article we know filter module’s charactertics.

Function, function in sql

System defined functions are provided by SQL itself.
User defined function are two type. First is Scalar and second is Table value.

Filter in angularJs – Part 1

In this article we what filter module in angularjs.