Program to Traverse an Array.

Traverse: Traverse means to view or display or by define it “Transverse means to move or travel through an area.”

Program to Interchange numbers in C.

This program swaps the value stored in two different variables. To perform this task, third variable is declared.

How to Use Reverse number in java

Reverse means, a complete change of direction or action and place.

What do you mean by loop?

A loop is a sequence of instructions that are executed many times, each time a different set of data.

Use of Vector in Java?

Vector is a dynamic array which can grow automatically according to the required need.

How to use Nested if else in java

Nested if else use for check the multiple condition.

Use of Switch-Case in Java?

The switch case statement is useful when selecting some action from a number of alternatives. The value inside the test expression must be a int, char, short or byte. It can not be a long, double, float, string or any other other kind of object.The switch statement allows for any number of possible execution path.
The body of a switch statement is known as a switch block.

How to use ListView in android.

List views are views that enable you to display a long list of items. In Android, there are two types of list views: ListView and SpinnerView. Both are useful for displaying long lists of items. The following Try It Outs show them in action.

How to use RadioGroup and RadioButton in Android.

The RadioButton has two states: either checked or unchecked.
Once a RadioButton is checked, it cannot be unchecked. A RadioGroup is used to group together one or more RadioButton views, thereby allowing only one RadioButton to be checked within the RadioGroup.

How to use Checkbox in Android?

CheckBox is a type of two state button either unchecked or checked.
Checkboxes allow the user to select one or more options from a set. In android each checkbox is managed separately and you must register a click listener for each one. A special type of button that has two states: checked or unchecked. In android, there is a lot of usage of check box.